• Dauda, A. Department of Animal Science University of Calabar P.M.B 1115 Calabar, Nigeria
  • Abbaya, H. Y.
  • Abare, E. A.
  • James, A. K.


Protein, Mycobacterium caprae and Sequence


A total of ten (10) Mycobacterium caprae (MBC) proteins were retrieved from the GenBank ( The Genbank accession numbers of the sequences and sequence variations of the proteins were used to investigate the molecular identity of various MBC proteins. The physico-chemical properties of MBC proteins were performed using Protparam tool. Isoelectric point (pI), molecular weight (MW), extinction coefficient (EC); instability index (II), aliphatic index (AI) and grand average of hydropathicity (GRAVY) were computed. The study revealed that some of the MBC proteins were acidic while some were basic in nature based on their pI. The EC of all the protein revealed appreciable value. The II of MBC protein value shows majority II<40. AI for some of the MBC protein have AI>100 while others AI<100. The GRAVY of MBC proteins revealed some are positive while some are negative. The amino acid composition of MBC proteins indicates that they are rich in aliphatic amino acids. The three dimensional structures (3D) of the MBC proteins were determine using Phyre2 server. The amino acid sequences of MBC proteins were subjected to secondary structure prediction using ExPASy’s SOPMA tool. The MBC proteins some are alpha helice while others are random coil structure. The genetic information revealed in this study will help in carrying out research in mutagenesis and pharmacogenetic.